Commscope CS30CM WHT C6 4/24 U/UTP


Product Classification

Regional Availability Asia | EMEA
Product Type Twisted pair cable

General Specifications

Product Number CS30CM
ANSI/TIA Category 6
Cable Component Type Horizontal
Cable Type U/UTP (unshielded)
Conductor Type, singles Solid
Jacket Color White
Transmission Standards ANSI/TIA-568.2-D | CENELEC EN 50288-6-1 | ISO/IEC 11801 Class E


Cable Length 304.8 m | 1000 ft
Diameter Over Conductor 0.978 mm | 0.0385 in
Diameter Over Jacket, nominal 5.588 mm | 0.22 in
Conductor Gauge, singles 24 AWG

Electrical Specifications

Characteristic Impedance 100 ohm
dc Resistance Unbalance, maximum 5 %
dc Resistance, maximum 9.38 ohms/100 m | 2.859 ohms/100 ft
Delay Skew, maximum 45 ns
Dielectric Strength, minimum 1500 Vac | 2500 Vdc
Mutual Capacitance at Frequency 5.6 nF/100 m @ 1 kHz
Nominal Velocity of Propagation (NVP) 68 %
Operating Frequency, maximum 250 MHz
Operating Voltage, maximum 80 V
Propagation Delay, maximum 536 ns/100m @250MHz
Remote Powering Fully complies with the recommendations set forth by IEEE 802.3bt (Type 4) for the safe delivery of power over LAN cable when installed according to ISO/IEC 14763-2, CENELEC EN 50174-1, CENELEC EN 50174-2 or TIA TSB-184-A


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