• ARM dual core 1.4GHz network processor,The maximum users can be 300
  • 5*10\100\1000Mbps network port, 1*USB interface
  • It can manage IP-COM all AP, support maximum management 100APs, support configuration automation
  • Built-in WEB single key authentication, WEB account password authentication, WeChat authentication
  • SMS authentication and other authentication methods
  • Support QVLAN, maximum configurable 15 QVLAN


M80 is a Gigabit enterprise router designed by IP-COM for high requirement users, such as enterprises, hotels, and community bandwidth operations. M80 uses a dual core 1.4GHz network special processor, equipped with the professional design of DDR3 high speed memory. The equipment adopts IP-COM enterprise system firmware and built-in intelligent AP management system, which can automatically distribute and maintain automatic AP configuration. The device provides WEB account password authentication, WEB key authentication, WeChat WiFi authentication and PPPoE Server access authentication mode, which can meet the access authentication requirements under different scenarios. In addition, it also supports multiple WAN bandwidth superposition and load balancing, behavior management, VPN, intelligent bandwidth control, USB file sharing and many other enterprise functions.


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