Orient LED Action 32S HD Black


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Orient LED Action 32S HD Black


Orient Android IOT LED TV is the latest addition to the smartest and most innovative home appliances by Orient. With superb features like IOT integration, a complete entertainment hub, Bezel less design and HD resolution, get ready for a life-like experience with Action LED TV.

Android LED TV
Google Licensed
Wide Color Gamut
Google Play
Built-in Chromecast

Cinematic Clarity, Dynamic Range

Experience the world through the brilliant life-like cinematic clarity and dynamic range of the Orient Smart TV’s.

Android TV Operating System

With the Android 9 operating system, you can now stream videos and movies from the web, your laptop or any of your apps directly onto your Smart TV.

Built-In Chrome Cast

With the built-in Chrome Cast, now beam content directly from your Smart Phone, Laptops and devices on to your Smart LED TV.

Google Assistant

Gain complete control of your LED TV through voice as well as your smart phone with the Google Assistant integration.

Licensed Android TV

Upgradeable technology beyond any limitations with access to millions of online apps and platforms, ensuring continued smartness with time.

In-built Smart Apps for User Facilitation

Enjoy the smartness of your LED TV with pre-installed apps like Google Play and YouTube.

Enjoy access to the millions of google apps, games, music, movies, books and much more anytime on your screen!

Play your favorite videos from YouTube in ultra-high resolution on the big screen and experience detailed picture quality like never before.

Gain access to an extensive library of feature films, documentaries, TV shows, anime and award-winning original series any time you want.

Enjoy films, seasons & dramas with your current gateway to everlasting entertainment.

Ultra-High Definition Resolution

Watch life play out in high definition with the most dynamic picture quality and in vibrant colors that leave you amazed with their beauty.

High Definition

Your blacks are blacker and your whites whiter than ever before with the bezel less design & wide color gamut that stuns with its brilliance in ultra-high definition.

Powerful Sound

Be present in the moment with perfectly synchronized picture and sound. Enjoy acoustics that match the precision of your TV screen.

Color Optimization

Unleash a cinematic experience that’s immersive and life-like with colors that ring true to nature and reality.

Uninterrupted High-End Gaming

Seamless gaming on your TV screens with the 1.1 GHz Quad Core processor and wireless gamepad compatibility!

See Features as well as Tips on Buying the Right LED TV for You

Check out all the features and their details to ensure that you make the right choice for your life and your home.

Quad-Core CPU

Rejoice with the three times faster processor and multitask like a pro.

2.5 GB RAM

Faster web browsing and quicker boot-up than your conventional TV.

16GB Storage

Gain access to a large number of apps and channels through the large memory.

Improve your home lifestyle with sharing options

Bring visuals to life with thrilling scenes and the cinematic, vivid picture as well as immersive sound in your home.

Multiple Connectivity Options

Make your life easier with a big screen that connects to all and any of your devices with extensive ease, helping you see everything in one place.

2 USB Ports

Conveniently connect to your TV with USB drive.

Built-In WIFI

Connect wirelessly to your LED TV through WIFI.

3 HDMI Ports

Enjoy the ultimate control through three HDMI ports.

Built-In Bluetooth

Enable continuous connection through Bluetooth.



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